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One of the most popular and very effective ways of promoting your business is using free and low cost advertising that's available within traffic exchanges. You simply view someone else's web page and in return, someone else will view yours.

It's possible to recruit many people into your businesses using this viewer exchange system. It really works.

An effective way to use traffic exchanges is with the use of a rotator. Rotators allow multiple sites to be advertised, all within a single url.

That is: Say you have 5 sites you want to advertise in a traffic exchange. You put all 5 into a rotator and they will all be shown in rotation. The benefit is: if you belong to many exchanges and want to change the pages that you are advertising, you need only to change the url in your rotator account rather than having to login to all of your traffic exchanges.

Rotators that come recommend are EasyHits and PageSwirl. Not only are they free, you can also opt for the affordable upgrade and make a little money with them as well.

On joining a traffic exchange you will be asked to submit your target url. This can be one of your rotators, or another website you want to advertise. Make sure the address is correct it doesn't have multiple popups, break out of the surfbar frame etc.

It really is quite simple. You just log into the exchange or open up your surf page, view the sites, from 10 to 30 seconds. When the timer is finished counting down, you click the image, numbers or next button and you have earned credit towards someone else viewing your website. This is why it's called an exchange. You view their site, they view yours.

Many people are moving away from promoting the same site as everyone else. This is a great idea. Remember that you only have between 10 - 30 seconds for your page to not only load, but to also attract curiousity, inspire them to click your link or optin to a lead capture list. So it needs to be short, simple and to the point. These pages are known as Splash Pages.

If you are not very skilled in splash page design, there is good news. You can create your own splash pages with little or no knowledge of html. This service is provided to you free with your no-cost membership. You will also gain access to their quality traffic exchange that is consistently ranked in the top 5 traffic exchanges online today.

This service is provided free by EasyHits4U and ClickVoyager be sure to add these 2 sites to your list of traffic programs.

There are simply far too many exchanges to have them all isted here. To access a list of FREE traffic exchanges go and get 1000s of FREE Hits. You can start receiving MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TRAFFIC to your website right now!

To surf multiple traffic exchanges at once, download FireFox. It's FREE and you can surf several traffic exchanges at once!

Here are just a few of the best exchanges...

EasyHits4U - Surf For Traffic And Make Money

Hits-A-Million - Get PAID To Play Trivia

Hit2Hit - Top Ranked Traffic Exchange

ClickVoyager - Wild Traffic Adventure

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