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Viral advertising pages are very effectve because they require others to read your ad or view your website in order to join. You then promote the advertising pages and as others sign up, your ad appears on their page also. It moves down through the pages of those that they promote and so on. The potential is, your website promotion can be seen by thousands of prospects.

Of course it's not necessary to join every last one of them. Choose several that you like and put your favorite promotion in as your link.

If you have a marketing resource page similar to this one you might consider joining many and advertise them on your page. Otherwise, just a few will be fine and you can share them with your mailing list, downline members etc. You really don't want to spend too much time promoting these on the traffic exchanges. You do need to advertise of course, the use of Free Text And Banner Ads are a better alternatve.

Some popular viral advertising pages are:

V Traffic Rush
Show My Links
Viral Ad Builder
Leads Leap
Ad Viralizer
Viral Rotator
Free Viral
Hits Monkey
Viral Hoopla
Cash In On Banners