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Banner and text ads were all the rage in the early days of marketing online. This style of advertising gradually faded as the Internet marketers favorite tool turned to things like email and search engine marketing, which is currently very popular. However they still do offer advertisers a cheaper and mostly free form of promoting their service and building overall exposure for their business.

Following are a few tips if you are considering using banner and text ads in your online marketing:

Most importantly is a call for action. A simple 'click now' will work but you may want to add a little more incentive. Try saying 'click now to receive your discount' or 'click here to receive your bonus'. While still fairly simple it not only prompts action but also provides motivation for the reader to take action.

In general, you need to get straight to the point in as few words as possible, to capture the attention of the viewer in a very short space of time, maybe even just a second or two. There is no time to waste with any form of long or wordy ad copy. You need to capture the interest or curiosity of the viewer to make them want to click the ad so they can be forwarded to another place where you can fully explain the benefits of the service etc. that you are offering.

Banner and text ads do work. Surprisingly, the most effective ones being the simplest... a simple call to action that highlights some benefit to people if they click on the link. Do not rely on banner and text ads for all of your marketing but they are one of the least expensive forms of Internet marketing so why not use them to the fullest advantage?

Below you will find examples of the many banner and text ad services available online today.

Highly recommended is AdboardZ, a unique program that allows you to easily promote both your banner and text ads all in one place! It's Free to join and the members area is jam-packed with features.

You will get Massive exposure for your text ads at 1TAE, after joining this website you will be given access to a huge network of some 600,000+ members!

Advertising Blowout, is a fantastic opportunity for you to access a lot of quality advertising. The site is constantly updating with new advertising offers for both banner and text advertising, it's highly recommended, and I suggest that you visit the page.

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