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Placing free classified ads is a great way to advertise. Be sure to read each sites terms regarding the rules of placing ads as it's possible to be banned from posting.

TIP: If the ads you place move quickly, you can probably post more often than what is stated on the site. It may say your ad lasts 10 days, but that doesn't mean you must wait that long to post again. If the other ads are moving quickly, chances are yours will too.

There is an excellent site where you can post your free photo Ads in 10 Countries around the world!. It's called AbleWise. Very popular site with great 'featured ad' deals.

TIP: Open a separate email account for placing ads because you may get many emails daily. At GMail you can have it set up to automatically delete any junk mail!

It's suggested to track your ads so you can know which sites are getting a response to your ads. Tracking can also tell you if you need to change your ad headlines to raise more interest. You can get yourself an excellent free ad tracker from Leads Leap.

TIP: Some tracker links can be very long. If you do have long urls, you can shorten them, Tiny Url is just the place for that! Do that here:

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

Here are some good sites to get you started:

1Stop Classifieds
AdPost Classifieds
Ablewise Classifieds
AdLandPro Classifieds
US Free Classifieds
HPTE Classifieds

Here are some more good free classified ad sites to get you started:

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