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Are you really serious about making money on the Internet? Then you must build business downlines. More importantly, you need to build downlines in businesses that help you build your downlines!

Key to your success in Internet Marketing will revolve around how much traffic you can send to your Website.

Traffic exchanges require lots of clicking to get your promotions seen. Most exchanges will give you credits for the clicking that your referrals do. You will receive a percentage of their clicks. It's like having someone clicking FOR you!

I's possible to get hundreds, even thousands of regular visitors to your Website just by having people in your traffic exchange downline. You may not realise it now, but in 1 or 2 years from now it will make a significant difference. Making money on the Internet in the short term is just not possible, this must be understood. Success takes time and building downlines will speed up that process no end. This is known as Viral Marketing.

You also need a mailing list. This will help you to get rapid signups into your newest business, which is important.

While it takes some time to go through the whole process on each site, in the long term it will save you COUNTLESS HOURS of marketing your website. In as little as a few months, the traffic increase you receive will be substantial.

Follow the instuctions of each program to achieve the maxium benefit. Promote the programs using site rotators on traffic exchanges.

Use PageSwirl. It's the rotator professionals choose. You can also earn money with it. It is free, but the highly recommended upgrade is extremely affordable. Another professional rotator is EasyHits Rotator.

It's important not to get ahead of yourself here! If you don't build downlines in these programs, you're promoting on your own. As a result, the time it takes to build your business will be greatly increased.

By joining and promoting these programs you will be well on your way to building large downlines who in turn will generate massive amounts of viral advertising traffic for you.

Best Downline Builders
Traffic Hoopla
Viral Hoopla

Other Downline Builders
T.E Command Post
Rapid Downline
TE Hoopla
Affiliate Funnel

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