Traffic Exchanges are easy to use and free to join traffic generators.

Here's how it works. When you join a Traffic Exchange, you can add your website to their rotation. Then you start surfing and visiting other members webpages. In return, these members will view your website.

Typically when you have visited 2 other members webpages you earn 1 visit back to your own webpage. You can also 'win' bonus page views.

Several also offer paid surfing, which is a great bonus...if you are going to surf anyway, why not earn a little extra money while you are at it

Here are 6 of my most favorite traffic exchanges. They all offer well established memberships, are jam packed with features and are both easy to use and easy to surf.

They all have cheap upgrade options that you should definitely consider as they will more than double your advertising exposure.

TIP: Many have 'One-Time' offers when you first sign up, be sure to take a good look at these as they offer excellent membership benefits at heavily discounted prices that will not be repeated once inside the members area.

.Easy Hits 4 U

EasyHits4U is a very nice and simple traffic exchange that can deliver an amazing amount of traffic to your site. In addition, you earn $0.50 for every 1,000 sites you surf (minimum payout $3) and you also earn $0.10 after a referral surfs their first 100 pages.

.1:1 Traffic Exchange
More than 1,400,000 Members! Join Here

Members Rule

Members Rule was created by a surfer for surfers, to put as many advertising options/solutions under one roof as possible! Thousands of active members use the site daily, making it a great place to get signups. You will quickly gain lots of exposure here.

.Members Rule
Members Rule - Where members really do rule! Join Here

Free Traffic Lotto

A traffic exchange completely unlike any other. It combines the effectiveness of a traffic exchange with the excitement of playing lotto games. Collect activity points and redeem for cash, upgrades & advertising... a great place to advertise!

Where the Surfing is Never Boring! Join Here

Traffic G

Traffic G is one of the most popular traffic exchanges online. They are the standard to measure other sites by. The site is exceptionally smooth with a very good reward level. They offer some great partner sites including a free website rotator. Overall, an excellent traffic exchange..

A Traffic Exchange Everyone Should Use! Join Here

Click Voyager

Click Voyager is one of the most unique traffic exchnages on the internet, with a very active membership enjoying lots of fun ways to earn extra advertising. It's possible to win thousands of bonus advertising credits each and every day. Surfing is never boring here.

If you're really brave, you can even undertake the ''Click Voyage''! Join Here



Hit2Hit is another well established traffic exchange that also been in operation since 2005. A very high activity traffic exchange with thousands of members who surf often. This amount of regular activity makes it a definite 'must surf' traffic exchange that everyone should use.

Hit2Hit - High Activity Traffic Exchange! Join Here

Here's a great tip when advertising in traffic exchanges:

Use unique splash pages (not the generic affiliate pages everyone else uses).

Click Here to read a quick guide about splash pages and why you should be using them
but don't join the site inside the guide, it's a paid site - Join the Free Site Below Instead.

How To Easily Create Your Own Unique Splash Pages F.R.E.E: Click Here!

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