One of the best ways to promote your business is via safelists and solo ads. They have long been one of the most effective forms of Internet advertising.

Here are a places you can send solo ads or safelist ads with great effect.

TIP: When joining most safelists, you need a 'contact email address' and a 'list email address'. The contact address is where you get admin emails and solo ads from safelist members. The list email is where you get most email, from all the safelist members.

We recommend you open 2 new gmail accounts to use exclusively for safelists. Don't worry too much about choosing usernames, nobody will see them anyway. Be sure to write down your details so you don't forget them.

By having gmail accounts exclusively for safelist mails, you won't get overwhelemed with you regular email accounts being swamped with mail.

When you feel like collecting safelist credits, login to your safelist email accounts and click until you've had enough. You can use the search feature to collect credits from a particular site and also narrow down your searches to solos, credit mails etc.

You can mass delete emails with gmail too, but the storage capacity of gmail is huge, I have had 50,000+ emails in my safelist accounts...lol, so no big deal if the inbox is swamped daily and you don't get in there much to clean it out.


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