What are Get Paid to Click (PTC) and a Get Paid to Read (PTR) programs?

This paid to click and paid to read tutorial will help you to understand these simple to use programs. Paid to click and paid to read sites require no skill, are generally open to international members and creating your account with them is 100% free.

Paid To Click (PTC) means that you click on advertisements and get paid to view them. Inside your account is where you are given a listing of any advertisements available for you to view. When you click on one of these ads, a web page with some kind of counter on it will open. When the counter has finished counting down, you usually have to click on a link to confirm that you have viewed the ad, after confirming, your accounted is credited. Payment is usually anywhere between $0.001 – $0.02 per advertisement viewed.

Paid To Read (PTR) means that you get paid to receive e-mails and read them. The e-mails contain links that you must visit in order to receive credit for reading the e-mails. These links also have counters and when they finish counting down you receive credit. Payment is usually anywhere between $0.005 – $0.03 per e-mail read.

Why would people pay me to look at ads?

why do paid to click pay

It’s the advertisers who pay you. They rely on PTC/PTR programs to send unique visitors to their advertisements. The PTR/PTC programs then allocate a portion of that revenue to paying you as an incentive to visit the advertiser’s promotions.

You get paid for viewing the ads. The PTC/PTR gets paid for sending people to the advertiser’s ads an the advertiser gets potential customers viewing their products and services. It’s a win win situation for all and a perfectly legitimate way of earning money and advertising.

How much money can I earn?

You are not going to get rich quick using the PTC/PTR programs. Remember, you are going to earn a couple of cents per click or e-mail maximum. Any program that is promising you 10, 20 cents, $1 or more per click or e-mail is more than likely a scam. The strategy to making money with these sites is to join in multiple programs and to earn a little bit from each of them each day. I would recommend that you find 10 to 20 programs that you really like and earn money from all of them. It is easy work to do but it does take some time. I will often sit in my living room after the kids are asleep and check out my PTCs/PTRs with the TV running in the background. If the phone rings or the kids need something, I can walk away from my computer then come back and continue where I left off.

Almost all of these programs offer upgrades and referral earnings to supplement your income. Upgrades vary in price and benefits but they usually give you additional earnings per click or e-mail and additional earnings on referral clicks or e-mails read. The upgrades will many times give you some free referrals and access to additional click or e-mail opportunities. To determine if the upgrade is worthwhile for you need to compare the cost of the upgrade to the additional earnings that you will make over the lifetime of the upgrade. If you plan on remaining active in the program and pursuing your online income it is often worth it to upgrade in your favorite PTCs/PTRs.

Referrals can make the difference in your earnings from these programs.

paid to click and paid to read

Most will pay you for the clicks or e-mails read by the people that you refer to the program. Some even pay you for multiple levels of referral earnings (the people that you referred and the people that they then referred and so on for multiple levels) but each one has specific rules for this.

Keep in mind that this continues to grow year after year or until you and everyone you’ve referred, and everyone they’ve referred, stop clicking and reading emails, which in my opinion is highly unlikely to occur.

One modest example of this would be:

  • You click on 20 PTC/PTR links in a day for a total of $0.04 in earnings
  • You have 20 referrals click the same links (you earn 50%) = $0.40 in earnings
  • Total per day for that program = $0.44
  • You repeat this with 10 PTC/PTR programs = $4.40 per day
  • Approximately $132.00 per month
  • Approximately $1,584.00 per year

Remember, this is just an example and is not as hard or as easy as it may sound. It will require a little work but 20 referrals are not hard to get. Your referrals will come and go and you will need to continue to generate them in order to maintain your levels. But, if you can generate more referrals in all of your programs than you can see your earnings grow even more.

As I said this is not easy but it does work. It can be done from home, at any time and will give you a degree of freedom. I wish you the best of luck with this and am available to help at any time.

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