Hits4pay is an ad review site that pays people to review/view websites. The parent company Multiple Stream Media has an Outstanding Better Business Bureau rating.

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You will find this to be very straightforward and very easy to do. I will be right up front with you here and give you the numbers.

  $.02 for each email you read.
  $.01 for each email someone you refer reads
  $.01 for each email someone they refer reads.

I know not a lot right? Not at first at least, but lets say in a year with 365 days you can recruit 1 person a day, and you can get each of your recruits to recruit 20 people in the course of a year and you can teach them how to recruit 15 people each in a year(total people you have under you is now 320).

Now lets say those 320 people read just 1 email a day. That is $3.20 a day, $96.00 a month, $1,152.00 a year. With just 1 email a day!

On average you can generally get between 1-4 emails a day. So again this is not an amazing number just yet. Now if they read 4 emails a day those numbers jump drastically, $12.88 a day, $386.40 a month, $4,701.20 a year.
Keep in mind that this continues to grow year after year or until you and everyone you've referred, and everyone they've referred, stop reading emails, which in my opinion is highly unlikely to occur.

Simple 6 Step Guide to Successful Recruiting:

The following 6 Steps can be used to recruit new team members to Hits4Pay, DealsnCash & HTMail and any other any similar programs.

 * Be sure to replace program names and your affiliate links as necessary.

Step 1.
Create an email account if you don't already have one. (Gmail is ideal)

Step 2.
Find free places to post an ad, Craig's list & Backpage are two sites I regularly use.

Step 3.
Post an ad. 
I will typically use something along the lines of...
(This ad is actually FROM Hits4pay and is very effective.)

Ad Review, Extra income
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Step 4.
When you post this ad people will reply to it wanting more information.
At which point you can send them the following:

Hi (Name),
Thank you for your interest in hits4pay.com.

If you're like me and want to get started right away you can start by going to...

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I am always willing to help.

Thank you,

Step 5.
Direct them to this set of simple instructions so they can do THE EXACT SAME THING YOU JUST DID.

Step 6.
Check your stats, view your down line, watch it grow.
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Check out the Traffic Resources pages...Click Here

Remember these Key Ideas:

Always be professional, honest and up front. You can respond with complete confidence because this is a legitimate business that works.
Be helpful. Helping people make money while you make money is good practice. Treat this as your team. Your success depends on them... help them succeed!

Remember it's about who makes it not who makes it the fastest. Anything worthwhile takes time.
Heard this one time and I've always liked it, "Some will, Some wont, So what, Next."
Remember that nothing works unless you do, your goal here is to create a solid team you can teach. You're not a baby sitter.

Follow these 6 simple steps, paying close attention to Step5, and you can turn hits4pay into a great source of extra income that can grow and grow and grow.